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About Manía de Palabras

If you like crossword puzzles or word search games you'll love this game

Simple and addictive word game

Word Mania presents classic word games in a new and fun way. You just have to move letters to form different words. It's easy to play and it's fun to master. Without a doubt, you'll end up being addicted to the fun word search of this game.

More than 1000 levels

Our word game begins with simple and usual words and provides thousands of puzzles of different levels. In the future many more new levels will be added.

The challenge of finding all the words

Isn't it enough to find words at easy levels? Try to challenge yourself to find all the most difficult additional words to get a bonus. If you get stuck in certain words, you can use "Shuffle" or "Tracks" to move on. You may be surprised how easy a word can be that, however, you cannot find.

The best exercises for the brain

Word games are the best for brain exercise and for improving spelling.

Daily challenges to get prizes


  ✔️️ Move the letters to form words

  ✔️️ Find additional words to collect coins

  ✔️️ More than 1000 LEVELS to play

  ✔️️ It's FREE to get coins as a daily bonus

  ✔️️ Press the “Shuffle” button to change the order of the letters

  ✔️️ Press the “Tracks” button for suggestions

  ✔️️ A network is not necessary and you can enjoy the word search at any time

  ✔️️ Simple and easy to play although hard to win

  ✔️️ Totally FREE for all players

If you like crossword puzzles or word search games, you should definitely try this game. It is easier to learn than crosswords and much more addictive.


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