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It was not, sometime in the last century after the fall of the Comanches in this country, I got from my home village to study in Prague. I soon met Fanouš and later his friend Jarouš. These introduced me to the secrets of the auctioned marriage, and I found this game to be very entertaining and later lucrative. Over time, I grew from an inexperienced rookie into a fairly capable carbine.

In parallel with this, I also learned to program, and more than once the idea sprung up in me to transform my Marian art into a computer form. Well, it never happened, and only now, with the advent of smart cakes, have I taken on this task.

Computer teammates are not as good as the real ones, but on the other hand they have an excellent memory. If you find a significantly bad game from Fan or Jarouš, you can send it to me by e-mail (in the game detail, select Send for evaluation from the menu).

You can toggle the bidding or elected marriage in the settings.

At the beginning of each game, the risk level for Jarous and Fans is randomly determined from 1 to 3. 1 means cautious player, 3 means risky player. The risk is applied during bidding and staining. Risk limits can be changed in the settings. Playing with cautious players can be more boring for someone, then I recommend setting 2 - 3 or even 3 - 3.

You can learn more directly in the game - INFO button.

In short, some rules:

- A ten and an ace can only be thrown into the talon at the nativity and durch

- The reported seven can only be discarded as the last card

- At two sevens, the ten is just below the ace

- reported seven may not enter the talon

- the defined ordinary seven can be discarded

- Seven without spots or just with spots per game is not played

- A hundred add up

- stains up to stain-re-tutti-shoes max

If you get stuck, please use the at sign in the settings to send a record of the last game.

PIATNIK playing cards have been used with the kind permission of Wiener Spielkartenfabrik Ferd. Piatnik & Söhne -

Games card PIATNIK was visited with friendly presentation of Wiener Spielkartenfabrik Ferd. Piatnik & Söhne published -

I would also like to thank the National Monuments Institute for providing Marian cards with historical caricatures from the 19th century - -with-historical-cartoons-from-the-19th-century

Thanks also go to Anna Podskalská (LINES AND CRITES) for providing hand-painted KARBANIK cards. Each card color is artistically set in a different season and region. Leaves - spring, balls - summer, heart - autumn and acorns - winter. The cards are full of folk costumes (Wallachian, Kyjov, Haná and Kopaničár) -

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