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MARTI: Scooter & TAG APK

About MARTI: Scooter & TAG

Go anywhere you want!

Martı is everywhere, any time!

Martı is a transportation application that allows you to reach wherever you want, whenever you want. By requesting a vehicle under the TAG option in Martı, you can go wherever you want to go safely in the comfort of a private vehicle, and you can go to your destination you want to reach with an electric vehicle (scooter, mobilet, moped) in a fun, fast and environmentally friendly way.

Martı has come to your city with fun and technology so that you don’t waste your precious time in the traffic, don’t be late to the meetings with your friends, walk 15 minutes from the bus you got off to and don't rush to catch the minibus! The most environmental transportation option of the streets, Martı offers you an affordable, on demand and a fun scooter, mobilet & moped ride experience. If you want to go faster and in the comfort of a private vehicle, you can request a vehicle with TAG and go anywhere you want safely.

How to use TAG?

- Download the MARTI: Scooter & TAG app!

- Enter the TAG tab that will be displayed if TAG services are available in your area.

- Set your destination.

- Select the type of vehicle you want to request and press the “LET'S GO” button.

- With the vehicle that comes to you, you can safely reach wherever you want, in the comfort of a private vehicle!

- Request TAG and go!

How to use Martı Scooter, Mobilet or Moped?

- Download the MARTI: Scooter & TAG app!

- Check the availble vehicles (scooters, mobilets, mopeds) around you on the map and find the neareast vehicle.

- Press the "START TO RIDE", scan the QR code of the scooter or mobilet or moped, start your ride.

- If you are using a Martı Scooter, it will start when you push with your foot and press the throttle button.

- If you are using the Martı Mobilet, close the side stand and start using the Martı Mobilet by turning the throttle on your right.

- If you are using a Martı Moped, put on your helmet and start using the Martı Moped by turning the throttle on your right.

- Get on the vehicle you want and enjoy the journey. Please use all vehicles according to traffic rules.

- When you want to end your ride, park according to the rules and end your ride by taking a photo of the entire vehicle (scooter, mobilet, moped).

When can you use Martı ?

You can use Martı whenever you want. Don't forget that you have to obey the traffic rules while driving the Martı Scooter, Martı Mobilet or Martı Moped.

Would you like to have TAG, scooter, mobilet or moped in your city? Or do you have suggestions that you want to share with us? You can reach us at [email protected].

To make city transportation easy, start riding with electric vehicles, which can be rented, or request TAG and go wherever you want in the comfort of a private vehicle!

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