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About Mass

Create,Meet,Chat,Play with Friends. Enjoy Magical Life in Mass Social Metaverse!

Explore the MASS metaverse here! Turn your dream into reality!

MASS is an ideal platform to create your unique 3D cartoon Avatar. Create, Meet, Chat, Play with Friends now~

In Mass, you will have your home,your car, your pet and a lot of virtual wealth that belongs to you.It is so easy to make friends in Mass.All you need is innovation and imagination.This virtual world is also your real artwork museum.

Being shy to socialize in real life? Let's have a party in Mass.

Choose the gorgeous makeup and chic garments to create your idealized 3D cartoon image. Cutie? Cool girl?Charming boy? Just a few clicks,You can be whatever you want.Hundreds of hairstyles and eye-catching lipstick colors come in handy.Equipped with this stunning makeup, are you ready to be the party queen? Talk to anyone who attracts you and make friends with them.Don’t be shy,be yourself!

Shy to meet? Let’s chat in Mass.

In the MASS metaverse, everyone can contact freely with anybody without any restrictions. Spend quality time with them about similar values and hobbies! Have a conversation just like you do daily. Take photos with your besties to memorize the first meet in Mass. Show your unique personality to choose your cool partner!

Bored with a life that never changes? Let’s play in Mass.

Be the creator of your world here! Go to all the distant tourist spots you want to visit. The Mass metaverse offers various scenes you have dreamed of. Whether it is a romantic amusement park, fragrant cherry blossom garden, classroom stage or metropolitan modern street... You can even set foot in a dreamy starry sky. In the MASS metaverse, nothing is out of reach. All your imagination will come true.

Are you a Pet lover? Let's feed the animals in Mass

Have your own fur baby!It could be a puppy, a cat or even an elephant. May be you will create your own little monster~

Here is a letter from your future little one:The world will not stop turning without anyone, but I’m gonna be with you forever!

Hurry up and find your little one.

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Your satisfaction is our goal!

MASS has surreal 3D scenes, built by top modelers and design teams.

Your virtual life is waiting for you on MASS.Enjoying this amazing 3D Social Metaverse.

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