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About Math Mania

From an ordinary kid to a Genius

Unleash the Math Wizard in your kid with our fun, educational mobile game! Perfect for kids aged 4-7, our game brings mental math to life with over 1000 questions and 70 interactive educational videos.

Your child will have a blast solving challenges, unlocking new levels, and customizing their very own unique character.

And with the added excitement of multiplayer mode, they can test their skills against friends, random players, or an adaptive robot.

By the end of the journey, your child will receive a certificate of completion, solidifying their mastery of mental math. Get ready to ignite a love of learning in your child with our game today!

The player's journey includes:

Endless levels of crazy bubble shooters!

Over 75 educational videos built on 27 Collins concepts in the Arabic version!

Over 5,000 mental math questions!

An interactive component where children interact with the device to solve and learn!

Achievement certificates to share your children's amazing achievements!

Is one player not enough? Let your children enjoy the crazy multiplayer game where they can customize their characters endlessly. For the first time in Arabic-themed games, they can customize them in a unique way!

Where they can enjoy:

6 amazing characters based on children's personalities, making all characters relatable!

Over 6 moving background locations for the characters!

Endless customization options for the characters, uniquely based on Arabic themes!

3 special moves in the multiplayer game to distract opponents!

You or your children can view global, school, or friend lists in a detailed leaderboard!

An invitation system where children can invite their friends to compete with them!

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