Math Riddles Math puzzles

Math Riddles Math puzzles APK

About Math Riddles

Math riddles game to develop intelectual skils. Solve all math puzzles.

Math Riddles tests your brain skills with mathematical puzzles. Challenge yourself with different levels of math puzzles and stretch the limits of your intelligence.

You can explore your mathematical talent with math games, which are hidden numbers. You will train both parts of your brain by exploring the relations between the numbers, playing in Math Riddles.

Math Riddles can be used as a preparation for IQ tests.

Find the relationship between numbers, and complete the missing numbers at the end. Logical puzzles and math games have various levels and players who have strong analytical thinking ability, will find a lot of fun.

HOW TO PLAY in Math Riddles:

To finish Math Riddles game you have to find right relationship between numbers in one of hundred level.

For each solved level of Math Riddles you will receive 50 points. In case if you input incorrect number you will lose 10 points. After five incorrect attempts received point for level will be equals zero.

If any level of Math Riddles will be too difficult a player may see a hint. Hints have no any impact for level score in Math Riddles.

If a player will see a hint and still have a problem to solve a math riddle, may see a solution.

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