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Math Trivia Quiz Puzzle Game APK

About Math Trivia

Your great maths practice game for brain training!

Math Trivia is a Fun Math Trivia Game containing Brainy Math Puzzles & Quizzes which helps you to learn basic problems, equations, sequences, series, etc.

Math Trivia will help you develop abstract and logical thinking, develop perseverance, sharpen the intellect, ability to analyze, raise IQ, and memory. This Math Trivia Consists of multiple levels from simple to complex. With each level, it gets more complicated and more interesting.


- Tap the RIGHT answer button from the 4 multiple choices;

- Select the correct answer before the time expires.

- There are 3 quizzes for each level, and get rewards after completing 4 levels;

- Try a HINT to help you remove a wrong spelling option.

- Use +20s to add 20 seconds if you want more time.


- Easy and quick to play.

- Unique math quizzes & puzzles

- Answer over 1500 math trivia questions!

- Completely free & designed for all ages

- Gain extra bonus

- Daily bonus gems!

- Earn Coins on every right answer

- Improve memory, focus, and mental speed

- Free trivia game to test your IQ and math knowledge!

FREE DOWNLOAD today and refresh your mind with the math melody!

Have a nice game!

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