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Maths Hunt Maths learning APK

About Maths Hunt

Maths Hunt is a free game that is perfect and suitable for learning maths.

It’s never too late to start your education. Everyone is eager to learn math, and how to add, subtract, divide and multiply numbers with fun. There are many ways for them to learn fun math but the best way to encourage them is to provide well-made educational, feasible, and smart apps and games daily. Such math games can make learning more fun and engaging.

Maths Hunt is a game that is perfectly and suitably free learning game made for people of all ages. Maths Hunt is the best math practice game to train your brain and solve questions easily related to addition subtraction, multiplication, and division.


Maths Hunt is designed for users to play and develop their math skills easily and effectively. This game contains three modes to play that are ’Easy’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Hard’. Users can click on any of the three modes to play the game.

Once you click on the desired mode, a new screen will appear with math questions along with four suitable options of answer. Among the four options of answer, there is a correct answer to one of them. If the user clicks on the correct answer, he/she will win 5 coins. But if he clicks on the wrong option, 5 coins will be deducted from his coin collection. There is a limited time to answer the questions and if you are unable to answer the question, 5 coins are deducted from your coins collection.

The modes are based on difficulty. If you select the ‘Easy’ mode, easy math questions will appear that are very easy to solve. Similarly, if you select ‘Medium’ mode, such math questions will appear that will make the user utilize their math skills to get the right answer. And same is the case with ‘Hard’ mode but in this mode, you get even tougher questions. By solving these questions, everyone can develop greater math-understanding skills and can apply these skills to new and unique scenarios while building logic and critical thinking skills.


• Experience the following amazing features of Maths Hunt:

• Free educational games for everyone·

• Very easy to install and play

• Simple yet attractive UI

• Contains Easy, Medium, and Hard mode for users to play

• Suitable for all ages

• Different math questions containing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

• Contains outstanding and colorful graphics that attract users to play the game even more

• A 30-second timer is given to answer the question

• The user can skip a question to get another one if he/she wants to

• Endless and different questions containing in all the modes

• Multiple choices are given to find out the answer more easily

Maths Hunt is a monster math game that is great for every one to teach how to add, subtract, divide and multiply numbers. This game is very informative and users playing the game will be very happy and develop their math skills even more. Just give this imperturbable math app a shot right now, download Maths Hunt and help you learn the right way!

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