Maximum Jax Adventure/Action

Maximum Jax Adventure/Action APK

About Maximum Jax

Jax! aka Maximum Jax! not just your average dog!

With vehicles, animal buddies, power ups and special skills at your disposal, saving the world from some evil cats should be a sinch!

Professor Bobcat, Jax's sworn enemy, has kidnapped all the pet owners in the world and is slowly trying to take control of the planet! Not only that but his Crazy Cat Crew and Crazy Experiments are causing all sorts of trouble! Only Jax can stop them now but he needs your help!

With over 40 levels (and growing), each with menacing traps and enemies, Jax will have his work cut out.


Bonus Levels!

Every level has a unique bonus level where you can test your skills (and patience) and try to beat the various missions that are presented!


Skateboards, Jetpacks and even Submarines in challenging levels should prove to be a nice change of pace for the Jax on his journey!


A dinosaur, a fox and a penguin are among some of the fun animals Jax can use to reach tricky places or get out of a spot of trouble!


Mini coins and Star coins! Collect as many as you can and use them to unlock rewards!

Power Ups!

Invincibility, Shoot and call a buddy power ups available to help Jax on his many insane missions!

Dodge Skills!

Backflip or dash out of trouble when you need it the most!

If you like games like old retro style adventure/arcade side scrollers, then you will love Maximum Jax!

Game supports up to 9 languages!







Arabic (currently only reads left to right)


Chinese (simplified)

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