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About May

The number 1 app for parents, for monitoring the health of babies and pregnant women

"I love it! Finally an app that explains things concretely without spending 3 pages blabbering, and it's useful information, which we don't necessarily think of or dare not ask... I recommend with eyes closed ."


“May has nothing to do with other pregnancy tracking apps. The content is all written by health professionals, the daily advice is very relevant and above all there is always a midwife, a childcare nurse or a pediatrician to answer our questions with kindness. What I love: the “Can I?” which allows (finally!!) to know what you can do or eat when you are pregnant. Thanks!"

“It’s just great to have pregnancy monitoring in the baby’s first years. I started using May at the start of my pregnancy, now my baby is 8 months old and I open May almost every day! This app is truly ESSENTIAL for all parents”


From the start of pregnancy to when your child starts school, May is your daily ally in the wonderful (and difficult) adventure of parenthood. Whether you are looking for the best information or are in search of peace of mind, May is always there for you:

Ask all your questions to our medical team made up of midwives, child care nurses and paediatricians. We answer you 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Receive 100% personalized advice every day, adapted to the progress of your pregnancy and/or the age of your baby

Expand your knowledge with audio masterclasses from top experts

Address each key milestone with our personalized programs

Don't miss a thing thanks to our selection of articles and sheets written by health professionals.


When you are expecting a child or are the parent of a small baby, you always have lots of questions to which it is not always easy to find answers.

On May, you can ask your questions to a medical team in a 100% secure environment. Midwives, child nurses and pediatricians answer you every day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., always with kindness.


On May, all content is produced by health professionals specializing in perinatal and pediatrics. They are updated regularly to be at the forefront of the latest recommendations. May has been designed so that all parents and future parents have easy access to quality information adapted to their needs. No need to search for answers to your questions on the internet, May's experts offer you a weekly selection of content adapted to the progress of your pregnancy and/or your baby's age.


On May, you will find resources for monitoring your pregnancy, for postpartum but also for the first three years of your children. You can create as many child profiles as you want. No need to navigate between several applications, everything is grouped in May! And obviously as soon as you add a child or a pregnancy to your profile, the content offered adapts automatically.


In order to remunerate the professionals who accompany you while offering you an affordable price, we offer 2 subscription options:

- The monthly subscription without commitment at €9.90/month

- The annual subscription at €8.7/month (i.e. €99.9 billed at once)

The subscription gives you unlimited access to the chat as well as to all the contents of the application. You can stop your subscription at any time.

REMINDER: It is necessary to seek advice from a doctor in addition to the information provided in the application before making a decision concerning your health or that of your child.

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