Mechanic 3D My Favorite Car

Mechanic 3D My Favorite Car APK

About Mechanic 3D My Favorite Car

Become an auto mechanic and collect car parts! Look for details

Do you play games about tuning, repair, construction, drift? Do you like cars? Do you like exercise machines? Are you interested in car mechanics? Do you like troubleshooting and fixing mechanical problems? Are you interested in car engines and how they work? If you answered "YES", you have come to the right place. Car Mechanic 3D is the game for you.

? The car consists of more than 50 parts in, If desired, you can do tuning and replace part of the body parts and suspension with sports, racing and other modifications!

✔️ Learn how to use car repair tools

✔️ Painting and cleaning of parts

✔️ Pick up and create bonuses

✔️ Easy and fun gameplay

✔️ Various interesting orders

✔️ Disassembly and assembly of auto parts. Remove the broken parts and replace them with new ones.

✔️ First-person view, feel like an active participant in the process, and not a bystander!

Well, do you want to learn how to assemble cars, repair and pump them? Then our mechanic simulator is what you need! Car assembly, car repair, car tuning – all this is available in Car Mechanic 3D! Install the game right now and start repairing various vehicles and building cars like a real car mechanic!

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