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An application for creating customized media pages.

Media Station X is a cross-platform web application for creating customized media pages (consisting of videos, audios, images, texts, and links). It does not contain any content and is a so-called White Label Application. You can either create your own content or open existing and shared content from other people. All content is written in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format with a simple and easy-to-use structure. The created JSON files can be hosted on any HTTP server that supports CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing).


- Create simple or complex media pages.

- Easily navigate through these media pages by using your remote control or pointer device.

- Play multiple videos/audios in a playlist.

- Show multiple images in a slideshow.

- While watching a video or listening to an audio, simultaneously browse further media pages (the video/audio keeps running in the background).

- Open links in full screen mode.

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