Melodica APK

About Melodica

virtual pianica or melodica wind instrument

A Melodica often called a Pianica is a small wind instrument that is played by direct blowing or using a flexible pipe connected to the mouth. This application is a virtual musical instrument from the piano that is designed as closely as possible to the original. you can play your favorite songs wherever and whenever.

Features :

?There are 4 types for the name of the keys / notes: ABC, 123, Do, None.

?Music Player : You can add music for back sound.


?Piano volume: to adjust the piano volume.

?Music volume: to adjust the music volume.

?Show Title Music : to show/hide the music title.

?Auto Repeat Music : To enable/disable auto repeat music when the duration runs out.

?Use Native Audio: To set the Audio type so that it doesn't delay or etc., adjust it to your smartphone.

?Change Theme Color: To set the theme color, adjust it to your taste.

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