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Memento Collect & Organize APK

About Memento

Collect your content easily, focus on what matters most !

Memento helps you collect easily your content, capture your ideas, and organize them !

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Memento collects new screenshots, texts, links, images etc. and allows you to find back easily all your inspirations, ideas and informations in one single place.

Edit and personalize your content, build your memories and use them at the right time thanks to reminders.


Collect automatically screenshots, texts and web pages which are holding your attention, add your images, create your notes, task lists et drawings.

Keep closer all kind of content and modulate it freely using formatting, editing and aggregation options.

Sort and gather your content in collections by theme according to your desires.

In detail :

• Automatic collecting of screenshots, links and copied texts

• Creation of highly customizable notes, with formattable text, checkboxes, images, drawings etc.

• Advanced search of your content (Search by text on image, objects from image, weblinks, note content etc.)

• Optional display of the aggregation widget, that allows you to quickly take action on each new item added to Memento

• Organizing your content in different collections

• Adding Reminder(s) on all your content

• Manual adding of pictures from the gallery

• Editing for images, texts and drawings

• Text extraction from pictures

• Built-In YouTube player for your YouTube videos links

• A calendar to better organize your tasks and upcoming events

• A filter to protect your privacy from prying eyes, enable it simply by shaking your phone

• Data backup and synchronization with other devices, ?


Increase your efficiency and your productivity, schedule a reminder (or several reminders) on your content to come back to it at the right time,and quickly find what you're looking for thanks to the search by keywords and by content types . Search also allows you to look for text in your screenshots, images, notes, and links.

Share your content and personal collections with whoever you want. And even better, plan to do it on a specific date or at a recurring pace (birthday to wish, duo workout to do on saturday morning, ideas for common gift, recipes to test for the next evening with your bestie ...), again by using one or severals reminders to remember it.

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