Merge Imposter

Merge Imposter APK

About Merge Imposter

Merge Imposter is a fun and dangerous merge game.

Your task is simple: figure out how to arrange the characters correctly, combine them to defeat the impostors!
Combine your fighters to make them stronger if you want to defeat the impostors.

With each new level, the enemies will become stronger. Therefore, the fusion skill will be your key to victory.

Think quickly who needs to be united! Use your skills to win each level.

Combine your units to unlock stronger ones!
Only 5% of players can complete the entire game!

Prove that you are the best Merge Imposter player.

Features of the game
⚔ Beautiful graphics
⚔ Popular Skins
⚔ Difficulty increases with each level
⚔ Fun game mechanics
⚔ Convenient management
⚔ A game for all ages
⚔ A large number of impostors
⚔ Great rewards and gifts

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