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About Merge Neverland

Dive into Merge Neverland for a fantastic journey in the elf world!

Merge Neverland – Match and Merge Adventure! Wouldn’t you like to go on a fantastic journey in the elf world?

One day, Samantha and her cat Loki were swirled into a magic book in which many supernatural creatures lived and thrived. This fascinating place was once a paradise, but why is it now deathly stillness? What has happened here? What secret is Loki hiding? You need to find it out with Samantha! Hey! Don’t stand there! Help to rebuild the Neverland and collect clues to reveal the truth!

Use the merge magic to match and merge dragons, mermaids, fable creatures, and more to disperse the fog, heal the contaminated land, solve the puzzles, and save the cute elves.

Merge Neverland features:

 Merge three or more items, such as flowers, trees, mushrooms, stars, and even creatures in fables, to get better and better things and reveal the mysteries of evolution!

 Use the merge magic to collect over 100 kinds of elves sealed in the garden and evolve them to their highest levels. You will be amazed by their powerful magic.

 Bring the garden back to life with the help of dragon power, and collect more than 1000 items to decorate your garden. You can freely drag and deposit objects as you like.

 Sharpen your merge magic skills in 200+ puzzle levels and obtain extra gold coins and item rewards.

 Neverland has different themed events every week. Participating in these events, you will have the opportunity to obtain event-exclusive elves and bring them back to the garden. Can you tackle these challenges?

Download the game now and start your magical adventure in Neverland!

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