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Merge swords, get stronger and defeat pixel bosses

Merge Sword Idle is a popular idle game genre that revolves around the mechanic of merging swords. In the game, players battle with swords that can be placed on a spinning reel and can be further upgraded. These swords can be merged in the player's inventory to obtain more powerful ones.

In the game, players can break chests that fall from the top to gain swords. These swords can be merged automatically or semi-automatically. In semi-automatic mode, players can perform the merge operation by touching buttons. In fully automatic mode, players can merge all the swords in their inventory every second with the gems they earn. This allows the levels of the swords to be increased, enabling faster chest breaking and better chances against stronger enemies.

Regardless of the player's level, they can gain loyalty experience points after each chest is broken. These loyalty experience points allow players to increase their loyalty levels. Increasing loyalty levels help players defeat end-of-chapter bosses more easily. Additionally, players can also increase chest levels with the gems they earn. This allows players to merge more powerful swords immediately and gain more experience to progress faster.

There is no character customization option in the game. Players can increase their character's power by merging the swords in their inventory. Gems earned in the game are necessary to automate the merge process. The tambourine is not the place where swords are merged, but only where swords are placed and chests are broken. There are two leaderboards in the game where players can compete with each other. One ranks players based on their levels, while the other ranks players based on their loyalty experience points earned by breaking chests.

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