METRO продукты с доставкой

METRO продукты с доставкой APK


Order groceries for home delivery or pickup. Delivery of products.

The official app of the METRO store!

The application can be used by both existing customers and new ones. To do this, you need to register and receive an electronic guest card.

Save your card in the mobile application and you won't have to worry about having it anymore. You can easily use the electronic version of the card to enter the shopping center and at the checkout to make purchases.

The main functions of the METRO app:

Electronic card of the client

In the application, you can issue an electronic guest card, as well as receive notifications, track the most interesting promotions and current prices for products at home in the METRO store.

Grocery delivery

Now you do not need to go to the grocery store - order groceries at home in the application. You can place an order for products according to promotions and special offers of METRO stores from the current catalog. Delivery of groceries is not available in all cities of Russia*.

Purchase history and customized offers

View your order history, repeat previous orders and

get personal coupons and bonuses for shopping in METRO stores.

Current catalog and promotions

Browse the current catalog of products, find out prices for home products and promotions in METRO stores in your city.

Barcode scanner

Scan the barcodes of goods with a scanner and get all the necessary information about them.

Technical support

In our application, you can also contact the "hot line" for your question.

Submit an application to open your own store "Beans"

Open your own Fasol grocery store in your city by sending an application through the application.

The METRO app is under active development. We are constantly adding more and more useful features, stay tuned for our updates!

* Cities and regions where delivery and ordering of products is available: Moscow, Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Astrakhan, Barnaul, Belgorod, Bryansk, Vladikavkaz, Vladimir, Volgograd, Volzhsky, Vologda, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Ivanovo, Izhevsk, Irkutsk, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Kaluga, Kemerovo, Kirov, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Kursk, Lipetsk, Magnitogorsk, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhny Novgorod, New Adygea, Novokuznetsk, Novorossiysk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Orel, Orenburg, Penza, Perm, Pyatigorsk, Rostov -on-Don, Ryazan, Samara, Saratov, Smolensk, Stavropol, Sterlitamak, Surgut, Tver, Togliatti, Tomsk, Tula, Tyumen, Ulyanovsk, Ufa, Cheboksary, Chelyabinsk, Yaroslavl.

Leave feedback and wishes on the application through the feedback form or by e-mail to [email protected] and help us become even better!

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