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About Micro Hunter

After an unexpected explosion,you find that you have become as small as an ant .

When you wake up, you find that you have become as small as an ant and instantly at the bottom of the food chain. The familiar world has suddenly become very strange and very dangerous.

Facing blades of grass the size of skyscrapers, terrifyingly huge spiders and other creatures, and raindrops as big as cannonballs, you and your friends will start a journey to survive in an unknown microscopic world.


Crossing a small puddle like a lake, climbing grass like a skyscraper, avoiding raindrops like cannonballs, you will encounter a bizarrely familiar microscopic world. You will work hand in hand with your friends to search for useful resources and materials to survive on your own in this dangerous new environment.


A blade of grass, a can, or anything else may become part of your shelter. Give full reign to your creative side and build a unique and safe base camp in this miniature world. In addition, you can also collect materials to freely craft home decor and plant mushrooms to cook a feast. What's the point of surviving if you're not actually living, afterall?


Most of the creatures you encounter think you are at the bottom of the food chain, and in the eyes of spiders and lizards you are a delicacy. But you can domesticate insects such as ants, make weapons and armor, and fight against evil creatures with your friends. Never give up!

A new adventure has begun, whether you can become a survivor in this microscopic world depends on your actions!

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