Miimo: Coding Game for Kids

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About Miimo: Coding Game for Kids

Learn to Code through Play!

Miimo is an educational block-based coding game that teaches boys and girls ages 4-10 the fundamental concepts of programming.

Everything in Miimo has been designed for pre-readers: graphical blocks, touch-based interface, kid-friendly voiceovers, and word-free visual hints. Miimo is fun, interactive, and attractive.


■ Your child will learn new code blocks and earn coins as they go on the mission to save Coding Island.

■ Meet new friends on Coding Island and use code blocks to communicate with them.

■ New blocks and coding quests will unlock based on your child’s readiness.

■ Take care of Miimo and decorate Miimo Home with the coins earned from completing coding quests.

■ Create freestyle animations and games with code blocks in the Sandbox area.

■ Publish projects to Miimo World and get featured on the leaderboard.

■ You can track your child’s learning progress, see your child’s project, and limit screen time from the passcode-protected Parent Dashboard.

■ One parent profile can add up to 3 individual kid profiles.

■ Miimo is 100% safe and ads-free.


■ Miimo is partly free to play.

■ Subscribe to a monthly or yearly subscription to unlock all features and content.

■ Cancel anytime.


We are a team of educators and game enthusiasts driven to reinvent education through technology. Read more about us at https://miimo.ai/

Privacy Policy: https://miimo.ai/privacy-policy

Terms and Conditions: https://miimo.ai/terms-and-conditions

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