Milktea Misskey App

Milktea Misskey App APK

About Milktea

How about Misskey with Milktea?

It is an application for using Mastodon, Misskey, Calckey from Android.

Depending on the software (Mastodon, Calckey, Misskey) and its version,

I'm aiming for an app that doesn't change the feeling of operation.

Milktea also supports multiple accounts,

We aim to make it easier to navigate between multiple accounts and instances.

[Tab display function]

It is a function that displays the timeline in a tab form and allows you to switch timelines with a horizontal swipe. *Please note that it is different from Deck.

The displayed timeline can be customized.

- The following functions can be added to the tab.

(Global Timeline, Local Timeline, Social Timeline, Home Timeline, Search, Tag Search, User Post List, Favorite List, Highlights, Note Conversation, List, Notification List, Mention List)

You can add more functions to tabs.

*May not be available depending on the instance


You can set the background image by setting the opacity of the main screen image and the front element.


Four different themes are available: White, Dark, Black, and Pancake.

[Streaming API]

It supports Mastodon, Misskey, and Calckey streaming APIs.

Source code

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