Mimizaur Tooth Brushing Timer

Mimizaur Tooth Brushing Timer APK

About Mimizaur

Brush your teeth with joy! Fun-filled oral care experience for kids

Looking for an app that will get your kids excited about brushing their teeth? Look no further than Mimizaur. This app cleverly combines fun and dental education, teaching children how to properly brush their teeth. Mimizaur turns oral hygiene into an enjoyable adventure, capturing kids' interest and making teeth brushing something they look forward to.

With short cartoon clips played mid-brushing, your kids will clean their teeth longer and more thoroughly. This app keeps children interested for several weeks, which is long enough for morning and evening brushing to become a habit.

Mimizaur is most suitable for children ages 3-6 years old, but according to reviews, even older children, teenagers, and some adults enjoy using this application too! With the ability to create separate accounts for each user, you can set the timer for 1-to-2 minute brushing sessions, ensuring adequate brushing time while maintaining an element of parent control and enabling parental supervision.

Follow Mimizaur, the cute and curious character, on their interesting adventures while enjoying motivating cartoons - a new one in the middle of each brushing. The app features funny music like "Zyumba-Kakazyumba" specifically for brushing your teeth, and each completed brushing is awarded with super-achievements.

All you need is a toothbrush and toothpaste, and your kids will be running to fetch their toothbrushes themselves every morning and evening. Mimizaur is an educational, kid-friendly application for brushing your teeth, with games for both girls and boys ages 3-6.

Say goodbye to demanding toothbrushing sessions and hello to a fun and hassle-free oral care routine with Mimizaur. By teaching kids the importance of regular brushing, Mimizaur not only helps in maintaining sparkling white teeth - the most natural form of whitening, but also promotes healthier teeth, which could mean fewer visits to the dentist. So what are you waiting for? Download Mimizaur today and make brushing teeth fun and rewarding for the whole family.

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