Mind Games Adult puzzle games

Mind Games Adult puzzle games APK

About Mind Games

Mind Games old school puzzle. Ultimate hardcore and unique adult riddles game.

Mind Games is a offline collection of difficult and challenging brain puzzles. The game contains the most complex and interesting tasks for training your brain.

Challenges for logic math attention. The set includes the 17 best types of puzzles, of varying degrees of difficulty and more than 240 levels.

In "Mind Games" you will meet these free offline games:

Fifteen ( 15th Game)


Dependence (Game on attention brain training and logic)

Chess and Checkers riddles

Infection Game (Atrax)

Brain game of honeycomb

Variations of Rubik's Cube

Chinese Checkers

Blocks and jigsaw

Magic Square from Domino

Sudoku - Dice

Squares and Packer Tangoes logic game

Q-Game - very hardbut interesting logic task

NIM game

Marbles puzzle

Simple non-annoying interface,

Not overloaded graphics

The game will definitely interest both children and adolescents, as well as older users.

All games is free and can be played offline without internet access.

Each puzzle has several levels. Some levels differ from each other only in degree of difficulty. And some - set for the player task.

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