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Mini games offline to play for hours

With mini games you can spend hours playing from your device. Prove that you are the best in this application with more than 10 free games. You do not need an internet connection to play. There is a wide variety of games. If you get bored don't worry, minigames is your game to pass the time playing. Access more than 15 casual and arcade games and play without wifi or without any internet connection. The minigames application offers you free games so you can choose the one you like the most.

More than 15 free games for your device.
Adapted for mobiles and tablets.
Reach the highest score in each game.
Prove that you are the best in the minigames.
Easy and simple controls.
Nice graphics.
Mini games without internet connection.
Play with your family or friends.
This app has zombie games, ship games, eating games.
You will find the snake game, car game, shooting games.
In minigames you have a collection of arcade games and casual games without internet connection.
Games that take up little space and without internet.
You have very cool games of all kinds.
If you like simple games, this app is for you.
Play for free from your device anywhere.
No in-app purchases.

Download for free and start playing and having fun playing mini games without wifi. Play fun games without internet connection and play car games, shooting games, zombie games and much more. You have a collection of good quality mini-games to pass the time if you get bored.

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