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If you like crossword puzzles and Word Search, you'll love this game

A simple and addictive word game
Word Master is a classic word game in a modern, addictive version. Just drag letters to create different words. The game is easy to learn and provides great entertainment. You will definitely get addicted to the fun that word search guarantees.

Over 2000 levels
In our word game, you start with simple, everyday words, but you have many levels with thousands of words to guess. There will be even more levels in the future.

Find all words
Finding all the words on easy levels is not enough for you? Challenge yourself and find all the harder words as an added bonus. If you get stuck, you can use the shuffle option or get a hint. You'll be surprised how simple words you won't be able to guess sometimes!

The best brain training
Word games are the best exercises for the brain and a great way to improve spelling.

- Drag letters to create words
- Find extra words to collect coins
- Over 2,000 LEVELS
- FREE coins as part of the Daily Bonus
- Touch the Shuffle button to change the order of the letters
- Tap the Tip button to get a hint
- Works offline, so you can search for words whenever you want
- Easy and pleasant, unique entertainment
- FREE for all players

If you like crosswords or crosswords, you definitely need to try this word game. It's easier to understand than a crossword puzzle and much more addictive.

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