Mobile Box Tool for Android

Mobile Box Tool for Android APK

About Mobile Box Tool for Android

You can Use Many Useful Tool in This App in daily Life

Mobile Box Tool application Have Many Feature

==> Mobile Sensor Checker

==> Device Info: System & CPU Info

==> Check Your Live Weather

==> Gps Speedo Meter

==> Pedometer

==> Live Currency Rate Checker

==> Mp3 Music Player

==> Video Player All Format

==> Unit Convert Many Units

Mobile Sensor Tool Checker

Mobile Box Tool application detect to all your mobile senor device and tell you your mobile sensor work properly your mobile . this sensor box tool tell your mobile device information and you know all about your mobile feature. When you install this app Sensor Toolbox application get your all mobile sensor available data and show data in graphically and show the x and y z axis .This app also get your mobile device information and show data in few second

and many have feature and easily get easily know all mobile information things.

Feature of Sensor Data

==>Accelerometer sensor

==>Compass Sensor:

==>Level Meter

==>Pressure Sensor:

==>Temperature Sensor:

==>Magnetic Sensor :

Magnetic sensor is also called to electro magnetic or is used to detect the metal things or magnetic thing .this sensor is very useful to detect the radiation metal object or hidden metal object. Some time you loss your key this app help you to detect hidden metal object anywhere.

Device Info Sensor or Thing

This Feature tell you most powerful app to tell you mobile information of software or hardware everything want to know about your phone.

Mobile Device Information

Mobile Device Info is a simple and powerful Android application Tools that gives you complete information about your mobile device.

->Android OS (This feature tell you about you mobile operating system)

->Phone Information (This feature tell you about you which feature available your mobile phone)

->Network Information (This feature tell you which network or WIFI you this time)

->Display (This feature tell you what is screen resolution or width or height)

->Device Information (This feature tell you what is your mobile device modal or anything)

->CPU Information (This feature tell you about your Ram information)

->Camera Information (This feature tell you about your camera information)

->Battery Feature (This feature tell you to about your battery information)

->Mobile App (This Feature tell you how much app install your mobile and hidden mobile also tell and you can also extract your mobile app which you want to like to apk.)

->Test your Mobile Device you can test your mobile every feature are work correctly)

Weather Live Accurate Weather Forecast

This feature tell you Weather forecast weather today, tomorrow, 7 days in future.

GPS Speedometer: Speed Tracker Odometer

This feature tell you GPS Speedometer and Odometer app that measure the speed of all kind of transportation in kph(kilometer per hour), mph(miles per hour), knot or m/s in real time.

Pedometer Step Counter Walking step count

This pedometer step counter features uses the built-in sensor of mobile to count your steps. No GPS tracking and record your all step country .you can set your daily goal

of step cover the distance and and motivation of notification you can also set.

Live Currency Rate Exchanges

All Live Currency Converter is a real-time currency exchange you can check.

Mp3 Music Player

You can play all format of mp3 music player equalizer of music player.

Video Player All Format

you can play all format of video player in your mobile.

Unit Converter

Unit Converter is a elegant tool with more than 44 categories of units that are used in daily life and most significate tool that help your daily life.

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