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About Mobile Football Manager

The simplest and most fun soccer club simulator

In MFM nothing is impossible, choose a first or second division team from the leagues of Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Italy, England, Germany or France and win the championship.


Select the starting 11, the desired tactic, the type of game, brand, passes, pressing and aggressiveness, train the players, heal them if they are injured and spy on the rival.


Improve the stadium, increasing its capacity or improving its facilities, the more improved it is, the greater the profits.


Hire all kinds of professionals to improve your game management, from coaches, scouts, psychologists, physiotherapists to pitchers, assistants, etc.


Like any club, you have a budget that you must take care of so as not to go into the red.


You will be able to renew your players' contracts, give them on loan or put them up for sale. You can also look for youth and train them at the academy. As well as change the numbers of the players.


In this section you can see the list of players for sale or loan, as well as search for a specific player.


Accept TV or jersey sponsor offers, see your managerial record, motivate your players, see the confidence of the president and the fans, and your goals for the season.


You can view the country division standings and top scorers, as well as international competitions.

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