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Baby solid foods

The Mundo BLW app was created to help families and specialists in their daily lives with food. Focusing on the BLW food introduction method, the application is a support to always have correct and safe cuts, textures in the palm of your hand. In addition to many recipes and features that will facilitate the practicality of meals.

- A food introduction guide to know where to START;

- Examples of safe CUTS for each stage of the baby;

- A SAFETY guide with relief maneuvers;

- More than 200 RECIPES with monthly updates of new recipes, search for food, save your favorites and generate a shopping list!!!

- FOOD PLANNING, if you are out of ideas of what to serve, the app will help you. 30 days of recipe ideas to inspire you with meals;

- KNOW how to assemble healthy LUNCH PACKS and get lots of video inspirations to support you;

- E-books for you to always stay well informed;

- An amazing pocket COURSE on food intro. Where you will learn in a practical and uncomplicated way what you need for your child to be happy at the table!

- Various SPECIALIZED CONTENT on allergies, seasonal foods, scientific articles, sensory activities and much more!

- Get exclusive discounts with PARTNERS who are in a selected curatorship for your child's development!

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