My Location: Updates on the Go

My Location: Updates on the Go APK

About My Location: Updates on the Go

Listen to time & location while you are in motion - multilingual & world-class.

? Finding, communicating, and storing location is faster and easier than ever. My Location helps you keep current about your location while you are traveling. Capture and save your favorite places. Take control of your travel location and install the My Location mobile app. ✈️????????????????

Step 1 - Allow location permission ?

Step 2 - Set local language in My Location Settings ⚙️

Step 3 - Place widget in Home Screen ?

Step 4 - Immerse in local language ❤️

Step 5 - Have a great time ?

Key Features:

* We added something, try enabling "motion time update" ?

* Text to speech address widget in over 10 languages

Multi-touch map interactions:

* Long press - show address and distance

* Tap on location icon - show address window

* Tap on address window - copy to clipboard

* Double tap - zoom to tap location

* Touch and move - move map

* Pinch in - zoom out

* Pinch out - zoom in

* Two finger rotate - rotate map and show compass*

*Compass is located on the upper left corner

Local storage interactions:

* Short press on map icon – copy address to clipboard

* Long press on map icon – launch Google Maps Navigation

* Long press on an item – show removal screen


Font Size: 14, 16, 18, 20, 22

Show Country: off or ?? on

Text to Speech: off or ?? on

Screen On Auto Update: off or ?on

Auto Save: off or on

GPS only mode: off or on

Local Language: tap to select

GPS URLs are compatible with:




Social Media

Document Editor

and other applications

Example location message:

"6 Avenue Gustave Eiffel, 75007 Paris-7E-Arrondissement, France[email protected],2.29524"

On Androids, the link will open in a browser or natively in Google Maps. On other phones, the link will open in a browser.

Support email: [email protected]

Seriously, somebody may reply.

Please leave a review.

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