My Prettygirl Story : Dress Up

My Prettygirl Story : Dress Up APK

About My Prettygirl Story : Dress Up

Character dress up multiplayer game Styling, Meet, Chat! create your own RP

♥️We invite you to MyPrettyGirlStory World!♥️

●Your own metaverse multi world!Pretty World Open! Role play RP possible!

Showing off my character to others, chatting, meeting, and playing

You can follow your new friends ♥️

●●Over 2500 costume items! More than hundreds of millions or gotcha cody! ?

Change the costume of your own character or decorate your hair.♥️

●●Collect mileage and purchase premium costumes ?

Collect new fashion and special outfits unique to My PrettyGirl Story!♥️

●●Sizing & angle adjustment! Reversal & eye close function!

Create a variety of situational dramas or webtoon by positioning characters♥️

●●Precious cody you made! Stored~ in cody pocket slots!

Save your cody in tens of cody storage slots♥️

●●Various poses, motions and emotion expressions!

Move the decorated avatar through trendy styling and dressing♥️

●Various and interesting backgrounds! And my own custom background! ?

Add your own photos to create your own background♥️

●Cuteness overload! From cute small pets to Roar~ cool pets! ?

Place a pet that matches your character on the screen♥️

●Pretty girl and handsome boy series gathered in one place!

You can find all series of costumes in one app♥

Combining with a spectacular stage background and your own idol singer and celebrity costumes.

Create your own a audition and studio screen to produce your own superstar celeb.

Dress up in a wedding dress and suit and decorate with a marriage ceremony concept.

You can decorate the hospital with various medical device objects.

You can also decorate highteen and student style with high school background and casual clothes.

And you can enjoy fun date with Handsome Boy by styling office-style outfits.

Show off your fashion sense by cosplay with various costumes and hair styles, such as a prince or a princess or a magic girl.??

※ The data stored in the game will be stored on the mobile device you are currently using.

When you delete a game, the stored data will be deleted as well, so please be careful!

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