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About Name on Pics

Design your favourite name with stylish font and multi line text on photos.

A perfect text editor to make name specially and change name style and color with customize tools and editor in style you can choose your own choice style which we called font through which create name or quotes or social media post everyone must try these Styles for text art to design his/her thoughts in a creative way to gain attention and attractions, Like every one now a days design posts for social media quote’s with best styles to add muli and multiple lines text without any memory load. It will also easily allows you to write multiple lines with your name or nickname in different and unique styles with beautiful and stylish photo frames you can also add these different styles for separate lines too, you can write or design stylish name or nick name on beautiful wallpaper or background themes like write it on cup of tea with good morning caption or draw it on heart design them photo there is also a lot of background styles themes for text to add like heart card images, fashion card images, good morning stylish themes, water drop, water reflection with different flowers collection background images and Bracelet, Locket, Chain, Key chain Rings with frames Tea water, cups and birthday cakes collection will give you glimpse for names on pics art design, add name with different perspectives like baby girl, baby boy, lover name, friends name, celebrity name and a famous leader name for all of these collection there is a bundles of background wallpapers styles for every user choice or caption in fancy and stylish styles with different stickers too e.g heart, frames, borders, chains, nickels, smiles, greetings and wishing cards. For those who is writer analyst or poet they can easily use this application to express their feelings and thought with out side to the world by using the social media forums.

This application will give you a lot of experience with designing cool, fancy and amazing pics with your favorite names the styles for text is used based on fonts styles and these fonts collection is up to 30 items where you can choose styles for each font and add it on your name design. To improve name design add stickers from catalog after all when you name art design complete save these pictures in application directory from you can share these favorites pictures with your friends, family and social media followers or general share it on your own social media wall, more ever when you want to import picture from outside the application to redesign it by adding more text and stickers or frames you can do this easily by importing these images from gallery or take selfie and add text with stickers to improve design.

If you are writer or analyst or poet you can use our application to express your thoughts in the shape of social media post and share it with your friends and family members across the social media


-> More than 30 fonts to apply on text style.

-> Adjust Text size by using gesture finger.

-> Change Text color and create your own color for text.

-> Draw Text shadow and change its color.

-> Rotate Text to different dimensions.

-> Change Text stroke color and width.

-> Add Multi-text and lines no limit on text addition. 

->Quality of pre designed backgrounds for your text, names, quotes and greeting thoughts.

->Stickers with different categories like borders, banners, flowers, corners and smiley’s

->Add images from gallery for your text design to add name/nickname on photos

 ->High quality card images with message

->Useful for everyone

->Attractive decoration materials

->Available free to all

->Awesome for greeting cards

-> Easy to adjust text size

Graphics and images used for the icon and screenshots and background resources are under Creative Commons License.

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