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About NameDrop

NameDrop is a contact sharing & form-filling app for networking & trade shows.

NameDrop is the free app that lets you easily and securely share your info with others, instantly!

This is a perfect app for meeting new people, networking, conferences, trade shows, etc. Share your contact info with others via text or email.

Choose your personal or work info, and stay in full control by checking and unchecking what you want to share.

Use NameDrop to share your personal details with new friends, new romances, and new acquaintances.

Let our app be your e-business card when sharing your work details.

In addition to contact sharing, NameDrop is a perfect way to share your info with businesses.

For businesses or venues partnered with us, such as bridal shows, trade shows, etc., you can quickly and safely share your information with them. No need to use a badge scanner when you’ve got our free app!

Just keep the app open, tap your phone to a NameDrop sign (or type in the NameDrop code), and watch your details auto-populate the form. Answer any additional questions, then press Release! You've successfully shared your data, and you saved time by not using pen and paper complete the form.

As more and more businesses, organizations, and government institutions partner with NameDrop, the more you benefit!

Imagine applying for a job, going to the bank, the doctor’s office, or the DMV, and not having to fill out those long forms by hand because NameDrop will autofill it all for you!

Visit our website, or watch our walkthrough and FAQ videos to learn more.


Fill in your info once, and it’s filled out forever. Autofill with NameDrop rocks!

Cross-platform compatibility: Easily share info between Android and iOS devices.

Share details via text message or email.

You can share your info with others who do not (yet) have NameDrop!

Info sharing is powered by bluetooth and beacon technology.


Your data is protected by multi-layered encryption. NameDrop cannot and does not want see your information.


Do not hesitate to give us feedback. We welcome your comments, and we’ll do everything we can to make your NameDrop experience better and better!


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