Nautical Apocalypse

Nautical Apocalypse APK

About Nautical Apocalypse

An immersive anime maritime adventure, strategy-based RPG game

Welcome to the land of Sudamia, the birthplace of human civilization's journey towards a bright future, and the initial battleground against evil!

A chaotic world is in need of heroes, and you will become the savior of this world, gathering heroes dispersed throughout various lands!

Organize your forces, traverse towering mountains, venture through underground caves, and march towards the domain of the divine race to confront the vast and profound darkness!

"Nautical Apocalypse" will immerse you in a fantasy maritime adventure world!

Game Features:

【Highly Attractive Heroes】Unleash your cool skillds and engage in thrilling battles! Uniquely designed heroes with outstanding looks!

【Strategy First】Versatile team compositions and multidimensional formations, for exhilarating battles in a fantastical world!

【Dynamic Environments】Expansive world! Immerse yourself in diverse cultural experiences and embark on a unique adventure!

【Abundant Rewards】Enjoy abundant rewards effortlessly with idle gameplay, and return to the essence of pursuing happiness!

【Easy Operation】Simple controls for auto-battling, upgrading, and nurturing, eliminating the hassle of being stuck by stages and levels!

【Explore the Unknown】Uncover the mysteries of the unknown, trigger special random events, and fulfill the dreams of an adventurer's voyage!

【Joyful Socializing】Find companions and fight side by side, that's the true camaraderie in the battlefield!

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