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About NewsPicks(ニューズピックス)/経済ニュースアプリ

A news app that "makes the economy more interesting." The topical political and economic news is easy to understand. Immediately useful for business and job hunting. It can also be used free of charge.

■ Collect and read carefully selected world's most advanced economic news

■ Easily understand the economy with illustrations and diagrams

■ Commentary on topical news from economic experts

■ Original articles by the editorial department where specialists in each field gather

■ Make the economy more interesting with original videos.

*Premium plan 7 days free trial is in progress. Unlimited viewing of paid original articles and original videos.

“Make the economy more interesting.”

▼▼Social economic media with over 8 million members/users▼▼

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● I want to reliably collect high-quality domestic and international political and economic information.

● I want to catch constantly changing information quickly and free of charge while I am busy.

● I want to research industries and companies in job hunting (job hunting) and work

● I want to know the commentary on the news by experts and celebrities, and the voices of the field.

● I want to output and share my knowledge and knowledge about political and economic news with many people.

■ Five features of NewsPicks ■

(1) A news app that allows you to read carefully selected world's most advanced economic news for free.

Carefully selected domestic and international news from over 90 media outlets.

It covers a wide range of topics such as "technology", "startup", "business", "finance and economy", "politics and society", "career and education", "sports and culture", "regional economy", and "student life and career".

(2) Economic experts comment on topical news

Commentary by more than 300 celebrities and experts (professional pickers) in 20 genres, such as presidents of listed companies, well-known analysts in the financial industry, personnel managers of famous companies, and business people (pickers) who are active on the front lines By reading along with the comments, economic news can be understood in an easy-to-understand and in-depth manner. Great for job interviews and company research.

③Original article by editorial department where specialists in each field gather

・ Behind the scenes of a huge business organization that the person concerned talks about, which is not known in the news

・ A must-see for job-hunting students, 30 popular companies highly evaluated by business card exchange partners

・ A strategy report that shows the current state of the global economy

・ 10 startups that are currently attracting attention to make money by improving the Japanese economy

・How to make money for Generation Z who are developing new businesses with their own ideas and realizing sales

・It's not just about programming. A must-see for entrepreneurial aspirants, new skills that expand possibilities

④ Easy to understand the economy with illustrations and diagrams

・ Thorough explanation of topical news with illustrated infographics

・ Easy-to-understand slides that can be read in a short amount of time

・Catch up on complex news such as economics, technology, and science that business people should know in an easy-to-understand manner

⑤ Make the economy more interesting with original videos.


Takafumi Horie and guests dig deep into hot news. A free talk program that talks about the future one step ahead without speculation.

・"2 Sides"

A new sensation and discussion program that throws a stone into the saturated discussion program. MC Koji Kato intervenes between two experts on a theme that divides public opinion, continues to pose questions, and finds a breakthrough in conflicting claims.


NewsPicks picks up one hot topic each time. Parties and experts related to the theme appeared in the studio. An empathetic discussion program that involves users, raises their perspectives, and updates their way of thinking.

・"Weekly Ochiai"

A dialogue program that finds the "key" to break away from a society that has become a mere formality and standardized. [Group session] [1on1] [Single talk] We will dig deep into various themes and explore the path to rebuilding a diverse society with Yoichi Ochiai.

・「New Door」

User participation type trouble consultation program. We will connect remotely with viewers who have troubles solicited in advance, and ROLAND, the MC of the studio, and guests will listen to their troubles and explore hints to open a new door in life.


"The world moves by talking only here." Every time, business news parties and professionals from each industry appear as guests and give off-the-record talks about business that you can't hear anywhere else. Digging deep into the unknown true intentions and reality of business people.

・"Dude Deli!"

Focusing on one fast-growing company, through in-depth research by journalists and interviews with top management, the company's "real strengths" can be accurately identified.

・"Proposals from the 2040 Future"

Looking to the future, how should we Japanese live? We will invite specialists in the "media", "tourism" and "aviation" industries, and together with Makoto Naruke, we will make "proposals from the future".

・"Make Money"

We are looking for ideas to "update Japan" with the power of technology. Takafumi Horie, Yuji Maeda, Nobuo Sayama, Etsuko Okajima, Ken Kusunoki, and Daimao Kosaka will challenge the "NewsPicks All Stars" with presentations by young entrepreneurs.

・「NewsPicks Exclusive」

Exclusive interviews with celebrities popular with NewsPicks users when there is news about them. With a high-class tailoring that sets it apart from existing interviews, it approaches the essence of the person of interest.

・"News Picks NOW!"

We deliver unique documentaries that pursue cutting-edge issues, easy-to-understand explanations of news and economic terms, and experience reports on the latest technologies and popular services.

We will deliver daily original articles independently interviewed by NewsPicks, as well as other content created in collaboration with external media services.

■ About paid subscription options ■

NewsPicks can be used free of charge, but by subscribing to the paid subscription option, you can read the editorial department's original content and paid economic media articles in addition to the usual free articles.

"Paid media list"

The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek

As for The Wall Street Journal, you can also access paid articles on the WSJ, such as articles from the WSJ US edition. (There are some restrictions on the WSJ paid articles that can be accessed.)

* A regular subscription is required to view paid articles.

* This subscription is valid for one month from the subscription start date.

* The subscription will automatically continue unless canceled 24 hours before the end of the subscription period.

* Please note that the service will not be canceled just by deleting the app. You can cancel (stop the automatic renewal subscription) up to 24 hours before the end of the subscription period.

* If you want to cancel, please do it from the settings of your Google Play account. You cannot cancel from the app.

*Monthly fee will be charged within 24 hours after renewal of subscription period.

* Payment will be charged to your Google Play account.

* All paid articles can be viewed immediately after subscribing.

* Not all articles from affiliated media can be viewed.

■ Terms of Use ■

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■ Privacy Policy ■

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