About NFC

NFC Attendance

Near Field Communication – NFC app allows you to read and write the data on NFC tags using the NFC enabled device.

We have three modules for School attendance marking using NFC application.

A. NFC Register – All the tags can be registered with respective student’s name. This is a onetime setup.

B. NFC Attendance – All the registered tags can be scanned by touch the NFC device and the attendance will be marked for the day. SMS will be triggered to parents for entry and exit.

C. Admin Webpage – We can view the attendance of the scanned cards on this portal. Reports can be downloaded as per the requirement.

Benefits –

• Easy to use - marking attendance by one touch.

• SMS triggered to Parents for Reaching and leaving school.

• Setup and Maintenance cost is low.

• Visitor Form – school authorities can fill up visitor form and the query will be shared with school admin via SMS and will also be saved in the records on portal.

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