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Opposing Thien Kiem The VTC - Update 2022: Martial God goes to war, the Three Realms are divided

Naughty Thien Kiem The VTC - The new role-playing game Tien Hiep, where farmers can confidently farm items, hunt bosses, fiery PKs,... After more than 1 year of launch, NPH continues to maintain its form, official How to update the new version 2022: Martial Spirit Departure - Three Realms War


1. The game capacity is light, smooth, not picky about configuration and limited to hot machine are the outstanding advantages of this 2d game series.

2. Summon Martial God to go to war:

- Long Than Variable, Ma Than Vani used to be 2 effective assistants for players, then it's new, Vo Than is the next form to be updated to add to the game's feature interface.

- With the image of Martial God as Shaolin, surely this shape will bring visual appeal to players. At the same time, the gameplay is extremely deep when the passive martial arts of martial gods are also played by the player to find a way to activate the move.

3. Inheritance of War God - Plow Blood and Fire

- Gameplay favors farmers when they can plow virtualization, lock KNB, upgrade mounts,... all can be plowed.

- Not to mention, the Plow Hoe Game has a series of quests that inherit the war god, the motivation for players to own excellent costumes and mounts.

4. Love for the first time - Love for giving

- If traditional marriage is too boring, then in VTC, players will experience the feeling of same-sex marriage between men and women: 1 new feature has just been updated in this version.

- U is heaven! When the FA will escape from here, there is nowhere to go when you find a psychological game that pushes this feature. Then from here, you will no longer be lonely and lonely when every winter night comes with no intention of being by your side, right?

5. Cong Thanh Chien inter-server

- If in the time of Vo Lam, the Gypsies invited each other to join the Tong Kim battlefield or like the swordplay role-playing games with a battlefield of thousands of people without lag, the full slot Nghich Thien Bao inherits the great war activities from 5pm to 10pm every night. day. Talking about this will not be attractive, if not to mention that most of 50% are inter-server battlefields - this will be a melee playground for players from all over the world to PK, climb rank ... compete for the throne.

6. Update more Free Virtualization system

- On every holiday or special event, the game will update the virtualization of new fashion, wings, battle horse, ... so that players can freely change their appearance to go to the world, go and fight bosses with their loved ones. ….

- Remember, don't forget, a good game cannot be without the Free virtualized hunting system that favors the plowmen, right? Therefore, players of the plowing system should not miss this good game!



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