Nightmares of The Chaosville

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About Nightmares of The Chaosville

Start your creepy adventure and save the city! It will be dreadfully fun!

Incredible adventures of best friends in Chaosville. A game in which everything depends on your choice! Use your IQ and think outside the box. Choose the correct option to help the boys defeat monsters and continue their journey.

This city was called Joyville. But one day it was covered by the dome of darkness. Now it's Chaosville - the city of horror. The darkness turned this place into an anomalous zone and transformed the residents into terrible monsters. Abandoned buildings, ugly beasts, and other creepy stuff on your way. Your mission is to return the sun to the city and destroy the dome of darkness. How? - Be creative to find magic artifacts and collect gems of kindness.


Popular Internet Monsters

Siren Head, Bridge Worm, Evil Clown, Cartoon Cat, Plague Doctor, and many more!

Feel The Vibes of Immersive Gameplay

Creepy and hilarious? - This is definitely about our game!

Quests and Puzzles

Use imagination and boost your brain

Magic Artifacts

Each artifact contains a piece of dark power. Find them all to defeat evil!

Gems of Kindness

These gems are the key to decoding a spell and activating the Book of Artifacts

The Book of Artifacts

Found artifacts are held in this magic book. On its pages, you'll find information about enchanted objects and characters

Download the app and join the thrilling adventure through Chaosville. A place, where your nightmares come true

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