Ninja Survivors Online

Ninja Survivors Online APK

About Ninja Survivors

Survive with Friends! Enjoy the Multiplayer Survival.

Don't survive lonely, Survive together! ??‍♀️??

Enjoy the all-new roguelike & survival in Ninja Survivors Online!

Upgrade your character and equipment to survive the monster swarm!

? "Real" Online multiplayer Survival!

Why play local?

Play the multi-mode with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

? Survival, now more Quick & Fun!

Tired of playing over 20 minutes each stage?

Experience the thrill in less than 7 minutes in Ninja Survivors Online!

? Choose your Ninja!

Select your own ninja and experience the various skills & perks!

Use your skills wisely to survive and save your friends!

? Combine Weapons & Skills!

Survive the battle with unlimited skill combinations!

Choose the skill you need for the random weapons!

Survival depends on your strategic choice!

? More Roguelike RPG, More Survival! Ninja!

Never give up! Train your ninja and upgrade equipment!

Cooperate with friends to experience roguelike adventure!

+ ? Infinite Challenge & Reward

:)Unlimited Challenge, 'Midnight Parade' Open!

Defeat the unlimited oni waves and reach the top!

Don't forget the massive ranking rewards!

:) Out of Gems? Farm the Jewel Mine Cave!

Mine as much as you can, but watch out the monsters!

More Jewels, More Rewards, More Fun!

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