Noclip 2 : Survival Online

Noclip 2 : Survival Online APK

About Noclip 2 : Survival Online

Noclip into the backrooms. Escape the backrooms now with your friends!

Discover deeper levels in the multiplayer game called "Backrooms" and embark on a chilling journey to escape alongside your friends in an online setting. Be cautious not to stray too far as proximity voice chat is implemented in the game.

Descend further into the labyrinth of horror and terror within the backrooms, utilizing stealth as a key element to survive. Seek refuge under tables to evade enemies and run if you hear their approach, as chances are they are already aware of your presence.

Work together to solve intricate puzzles that will unlock your path to freedom in each distinct level. With a maximum capacity of four players, immerse yourself in the cooperative horror experience and make sure to invite your friends along for the ride.

Key Features:

Voice chat functionality for seamless communication

Multiple levels to explore

Encounter a variety of unique enemies

Multiplayer mode supporting up to four players

Engage in a single-player mode for a solo adventure

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