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About Nối từ - Ghép từ tiếng việt

Extended and advanced word matching game improves your vocabulary.

Matching words is an interesting Vietnamese word matching game, flexibly using Vietnamese words with a simple and easy-to-understand form of play to help you increase your Vietnamese vocabulary, practice quick reflexes with the language. This game is currently very popular and is loved by many people because it is suitable for all ages, from students to the elderly. However, to become an excellent player, you need to use all your EQ, IQ, dexterity and calculation ability to make it difficult for your opponent. Daily play and practice will greatly improve your language skills and reflexes!

Rules of the Game: The first player will say first a complex word with two meanings, the next player must answer with another complex word of two meanings starting with the last word of the previous player. And similarly, two players consecutively give the answers according to that rule until one of the two players can not give the answer, the turn is over.

For example: Fight - gladiator - martyr - execution - geometry - study - luggage ....

To increase the attractiveness for players, we have developed these outstanding features:

- Diverse ways to play: Practice, Challenge, Competition

- Players can choose to play first or play later

- Players can play against the machine or compete directly against each other

- Review your victory history

Extracted from the Vietnamese Dictionary with nearly 40,000 words, the Word Matching game will definitely give players interesting emotions when experiencing the richness and diversity of Vietnamese semantics. We are sure that you will be surprised and delighted if you encounter words that you hear for the first time, but when explained, you will find it extremely close.

Let's join Words to challenge yourself, increase your Vietnamese vocabulary, improve your reflexes and create moments of entertainment and fun with friends and family!

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