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At NRC we collect the best podcasts for you every day. From a news podcast that keeps you up to date with the latest news to the most beautiful narrative series. Start listening, hear the world.

The best journalistic podcasts

In the NRC Audio app you will find, among other things, the well-known NRC podcasts. For example NRC Today in which we update you every working day in twenty minutes about the story of that day. The Hairless Monkeys science podcast is published weekly on the most diverse scientific topics. And of course our political podcast Haagse Zaken with which you can start your weekend on Saturday.

Listen to tons of podcasts for free

But above all, discover the best podcasts from makers all over the world, selected by us, the journalists of NRC. Every week the Podcast Club tips the best podcasts we have discovered. You will receive these tips by e-mail if you want, and you can of course find them under the heading 'Discover' in the app.

Personal timeline

Follow your favorite series very easily by pressing the 'follow' button. This ensures that you receive a push notification when a new episode is online and you will automatically see the new episode in your personal timeline. In the new app you can also easily adjust the order of episodes in your queue.

In the NRC Audio app:

Our journalists guide you through the enormous amount of series and episodes

Listen to many podcasts for free

Listen to your exclusive NRC series that you won't find anywhere else

Are you always the first to hear the new episodes of our own podcasts

You can easily search for a series yourself

You will receive a push message when a new episode of your favorite series is online

In the NRC Audio app you will find these podcasts:

NRC Today, Another Day, In Het Wiel, Cocaine Fever, Jong Beleggen, the podcast, NRC Between the Rules, The Economist Radio, Land of the Giants, the Krokante Leesmap, podcasts by Esther Perel, Onverdoofd and much more.


We'd love to hear what you think of the NRC Audio app. Are there things that you are happy with or that could be better? Let us know via [email protected].

Happy listening,

The makers of NRC Audio

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