NS2: Underground – car racing

NS2: Underground – car racing APK

About NS2: Underground - car racing

Race game at midnight city! Racing car games with nitro boost & ultimate driving

Welcome to NS2: Underground - race game, where the adrenaline never stops and the speedometer never goes down! Get ready to take on the ultimate driving of high-speed night car racing with nitro boost in this thrilling new game. Racing car games are here to impress you!


- variety of racing cars! Choose from a range of powerful cars and customize them to suit your style in a race game! Enjoy car racing with sleek and stylish sports car or a tough and rugged muscle car - the choice is yours!

- racing cars are destructible! Get increased racing immersion! Save the car or repair it after collisions in racing car games!

- Easy and flexible driving controls for pleasant ultimate driving!

- Drifting! Make tight turns without losing speed and become the most skillful driver of the race game!

- Nitro boost! Turn this roaring engine on, break your limits and reach higher heights during car racing!


- Traffic city. Drive fast in a night city full of lights and complete different challenges with nitro boost and ultimate driving!

- City mode! Ride to relax and watch how the city lives, each of its street corners and crosswalk in car racing!

- more ultimate driving modes are coming: free track racing mode, traffic race, travel, campaign for racing car games!


- City! Enjoy the streets full of lights and traffic! Drive different racing cars for more experience!

- Turn the music on to feel more fun in racing car games!

Take on the city's most challenging roads, from narrow alleyways and sharp turns to long straightaways and hair-raising jumps. Avoid obstacles, drift around corners, and use nitro boost to outpace the competition. See you in NS2: Underground - race game!

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