Ocerin guide Hattrick

Ocerin guide Hattrick APK

About Ocerin

Useful tools for your Hattrick team.

This app has been developed by the same team that made the Ocerin Guide, the most updated guide written in Spanish.

You may find very useful tools for your Hattrick team ⚽

In addition, Ocerin is an official CHPP product for the hattrick.org game, so you can download your team's data and check them whenever you want!

Principal functions:

✔️ Basic information of your team (main and additional).

✔️ League classification.

✔️ List of players and details.

✔️ Tracking: follow your players' skill ups and downs.

✔️ List of matches and details.

✔️ Basic information about training and formations.

✔️ Transfers.

✔️ Finance.

✔️ Stadium.

✔️ Statistics of your players.

✔️ Follow the results of your Supporter teams on a single page and check the details of their last match.

✔️ YouthClub.

You also have the following calculators available:

Man marker, prizes, keepers comparison, chances depending on your possession, midfield ratings and find the percentage of possession, attack vs defence, injuries, arena calculator, training speed, coach tactics, team spirit boost, stamina, guess main skill, sublevel estimation

Thanks also go to HPE-Dantekavala and HT-tools.eu for sharing the code we used on some tools.


This application is available in English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, German, French, Romanian and Portuguese.

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