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Odisha Reporter has been providing news and current affairs content in Odia.

There is no dearth of web portals providing news and current affairs content from Odisha on a real time basis. But the vast majority of them are in English, catering to the needs of a minuscule percentage of the Odia population. The few existing outlets of news and current affairs are invariably e-papers of mainstream Odia newspapers which, by their nature, are not meant to be forums to access news content on a real time basis. Thus there is a vast population of Odia reading public – both inside and outside the state - which is deprived of its share of instant information in an age where information is power. Mercifully, the ever increasing penetration of the internet has provided an opportunity to fill this void. Among the first movers in this genre, odishareporter.in has been providing news and current affairs content from the state, country and the world at large on a real time basis for those who have access to the internet but would rather have their content offered in Odia. It is, however, much more than a news website and provides much else keeping in mind the reading preferences and cultural moorings of an average Odia. There are dedicated sections on business, health, sports, entertainment, culture and travel, besides sections featuring special stories and columns from eminent writers on a variety of subjects. All in all, it is a complete package that caters to the needs of all kinds of Odia readers irrespective of their tastes and level of education.

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