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About Okov

It allows viewing the product range, ordering goods and using the loyalty program.

The application was developed by the company "Okov" d.o.o. and is in her possession. It allows its users to review the company's assortment, make online purchases, follow promotional notifications, apply for the loyalty program (Posto program) and use all the benefits that this program brings.

A webshop is integrated into the application, which offers more than 30,000 products classified into 13 product groups. It is possible to create orders for home delivery and for collection at sales centers. Registered users can track order statuses in their profile.

The application also supports customers in sales centers. It is possible to scan the barcode of the product, after which the page of that product opens with a detailed description.

Through the application, it is possible to register for the company's loyalty program (Posto program).

The Posto program allows customers to acquire and use sales benefits in the form of discounts in all Okov retail stores, including the webshop.

Existing users of the Posto program can connect their plastic card to the Okov application, which is then used when recording purchases and exercising the right to a discount in retail stores.

New users can register for the Posto program for free using the Okov application.

The user can access the application without opening a user account. Opening a user account is free.

The Okov application allows the user to open an account in order to make it easier to use its functionalities and sign up for the Posto program.

Posto program brings special benefits in the form of discounts in retail stores that are valid only for its users. Users of the application can receive notifications regarding: status in the loyalty program, sales benefits, availability of products, novelties in the assortment, personalized offers, status of orders.

Within his account, the user has the option to turn off or turn on certain types of notifications, according to his needs.

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