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About One Night Werewolf Online

Simple werewolf online game for a small number of people to play in an easy way

One Night Werewolf is a werewolf game that can be played more easily with a small number of players.

This is an app that allows you to play One Night Werewolf online with everyone without the need for a GM or any other tools such as cards.

One Night Werewolf, as the name suggests, can be played easily as the game is won or lost in one night.

It is also designed to be played by a small number of people, so it can be played by at least 3 to 10 people.

Game description

Find out the werewolf who is lying in one night with the help of each position.

If you can't execute at least one werewolf in the final vote, the werewolves will eat you all.

If you can execute even one werewolf, the remaining werewolves will flee the village in fear!

Navigation function without GM.

You can play the game without a GM by simply reading the text displayed on the screen.

The game can be played without a GM.

Share the effects of each position to find the werewolf, and expose the werewolf.

Introduction of each position

Fortune Teller: You can see the positions of the players or the two remaining positions.

Thief: You can exchange your position with another player. If you trade with a werewolf, you become a werewolf, so trade carefully!

Teruteru: Does not belong to either the werewolf team or the citizen team. You win when you're executed, so act as if you're suspected of being a werewolf!

[Score function

When the game ends, points are added according to the game result.

When the game ends, points will be added depending on the outcome of the game. Survive the game and raise your rank!

This application is an official application of the card game "One Night Werewolf" ( If you enjoyed this app, please try playing the card game as well.

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