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About One State RP - Life Simulator

Role-playing mobile game with an open world! Online multiplayer with voice chat.

OneState RP is the first RolePlay game in the world with a massive open world and online multiplayer with 500+ people on the same map. Love role playing games? OneState is a real life simulator where you choose who you want to be. Police, crime, racing cars and tuning, street racing, shooting, and endless action. This game is like real life with no limits!

There can be more than 500 people online on the same map! Get ready for a completely new and unique gaming experience where the whole city is inhabited by real players! Immerse yourself in a real life simulator with endless gaming possibilities. Want to play a police simulator? Here’s your badge! Looking for other thrills? We’ve got roles for that too!

Role play mode:

After OneState RP, role-playing games will never be the same for you again. Choose what you want most as a gamer: police, army, business, or crime. Or do you want to just have an ordinary job? Try out the full-fledged simulator of a courier, taxi driver, and lots of other careers. In this RolePlay game, you can be just about anyone! OneState is an online multiplayer where you’ll meet new friends and enemies who you can talk to online in the voice chat.

Interesting quests:

The world of OneState RP is full of unforgettable characters. Get ready for all kinds of exciting quests. A local gangster covers up street races: earn his trust, become a champion, and get the most expensive racing cars and tuning! But be careful! If he thinks you’re gunning for his place, he’ll start shooting. Truly cinematic action awaits in this and many other stories.

Giant open map:

A detailed game world with lots of unique locations and real life simulators. All of Los Angeles is waiting for you right in the game, and new cities will be available soon! Explore the open world with friends and other players in real time in this online multiplayer.


OneState RP factions only have real players. Each faction will give you a unique gameplay experience! Play with your friends. Want to be a protector of the law? Then you can play as a police simulator. And if you’re a gangster at heart, just dive headlong into crime! Hurricane shooting and action are waiting around every corner. Or maybe you and your friends want to start your own faction? Yeah, you can do that too!

Tons of possibilities:

Explore the open world, earn money, trade with other players, build a business, buy apartments, and boost your reputation. OneState RP is a whole world with a huge number of possibilities. Role-playing games have never had such freedom of action before. Do whatever you want, no limits! Online multiplayer lets you and your friends make your craziest ideas come true.


Put the pedal to the metal with the coolest racing cars and tuning! Choose a car and get real street racing online going with your gang. The open world of OneState RP is yours to explore. But don’t forget that this is a real life simulator where the police are always on the lookout!

Stay tuned for updates. The real life simulator OneState RP never stands still, and we’re constantly improving our RolePlay game! Thank you so much for all your feedback. It helps us make our online game even better!

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