Orquestas de Galicia Fiestas

Orquestas de Galicia Fiestas APK

About Orquestas de Galicia

With this application you will be informed of where your favorite acts orchestra!

The user interface is easy and intuitive. With a simple click also provided a complete listing of all formations: Orchestras, Bands, Trios, Duos, Soloists, Charangas and Discos Mobile Galicia, where you can also view their contact details, calendar of activities, components, signings, etc. data.

You can check upcoming performances, which are closer to you, view map of parties as well as searchable both training as place, locality, municipality and province.

Themselves members of the training data and stay updated dates very easily and without a computer.

Other points of interest:

· Agencies

· Components

· Transfers

· Rankings

· Job Ads

If you are part of a training contact us and request your administrator user!

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