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Osman Gazi 3d RPG game, Action, Archery, Sword Fighting, Horse Riding, Ertugrul

Osman Gazi : Osman Gazi Games
Osman Gazi game's main Character Osman Gazi is a great warrior from Turkish history With his bravery and steadfastness he changed the destiny not only of his tribe but of the entire Islamic world, Osman gazi defeated the Crusaders, Mongols, Byzantine, and other traitor elements in different periods with his companions. Osman bey is a great warrior and sword fighter with great shooting and fighting skills. Osman gazi was the sun of Ertugrul Ghazi . Osman Ghazi became the ruler of the great Kayi tribe. the Turkish nomadic Kayi tribe was looking for a homeland where their descendants could thrive. After the death of Ertugrul Ghazi in 1280, his son Osman Gazi founded the Great Ottoman Empire, and this nomadic kayi tribe ruled over three continents for six hundred years.
Enjoy Osman Gazi game with fun of horse riding, archery and sword fighting. (Osman Gazi game : Ottoman Wars) consists of 29 levels. There are different tasks for each mission. Our goal is to successfully complete every level to destroy enemies.

Osman Gazi : Osman Gazi Games Features :

Osman Gazi
Horse Riding
Sword Fighting
Kayi tribe
Seljuk Empire
Osman companions
Ertugrul companions
Ertugrul Ghazi
Medieval Fighting Game
Open World
Realistic 3d Environment
Separate Tasks For Each Mission
Smooth Controllers
Advanced AI
Companion AI System ( you can hire your warriors by button )
3 Melee Combo Attacks ( on the single button )
3 Boxing Combo Attacks ( on the single button )
Looks at the target when Attacking
AutoSave Game ( when mission completed )

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