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About OTF to TTF Converter

Convert your otf files to ttf in 2 clicks. Font converter. Convertir otf a ttf.

Best way to convert your OTF to TTF file in seconds.

OTF to TTF converter converts otf format font files to ttf files.

Select any otf font file to convert to ttf format. The converted ttf font file will be available to save locally on your mobile immediately.

Convert OTF to TTF online.

Convert your otf files to ttf in 2 clicks. Our OTF to TTF Converter is free for all users. Don't pay anything for it!

Steps to Convert

1) Click on Select OTF font button.

2) Select the OTF file.

3) You don't need to do anything! Within few seconds the ttf font will be generated automatically.

4) You can open the downloaded file or can Share it.


- Convert any number of otf files to ttf files

- Max size limit is 30 MB

- Font Converter within few seconds

- Supports commonly used formats like TTF or OTF.

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OpenType (CFF) Font

A format for displaying and storing OpenType fonts. It can be scaled without losing font quality. Today the OTF library has more than 10 thousand fonts. Practically all fonts known today have an OpenType version.

TrueType Font

This is a standard TrueType font format. The advantage of TTF till now has been its high level of font display control right up to the pixel. It has a vector format so it’s easy to scale.


- OTF to TTF Converter needs to save converted font file on your mobile. So this app needs this permission. Please allow it for the app to work.

- Your file is uploaded in cloud servers for processing and conversion. It will be deleted immediately after processing.

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